AccessHCP is an exciting new way for healthcare marketers to access, segment, analyze, and license the data they need to fuel their multi-channel HCP campaigns. This powerful, cloud-based platform allows you to have full, do-it-yourself access to over 2 million US healthcare professionals and their associated contact, demographic, firmographic, and professional data.

Getting Started

Signing up for an account is free. Once you’re in the platform, simply set up your campaign specific filters and upload any additional lists that you would like to either use as a match or suppression file. You’ll have full control over dozens of segmentation filters and options. Your data analysis will run in seconds, and you’ll be presented with data counts and a preview of the individual records.

Your AccessHCP data analysis will identify any of these counts for your specific filters:

  • Postal/core data records
  • Emails available for each unique HCP (by NPI)
  • Digital IDs available for each unique HCP (by NPI) to fuel your digital advertising

You can also leverage our Clinical Indicator platform to filter your analysis based on the specific diagnosis and procedure behavior of each HCP.

Accessing Your Data

Once you are ready to license or purchase the data set you have identified, you have multiple options.

  • Option 1 – Pre-purchase: If you would like to instantaneously access the data, you can pre-purchase credits, which you then apply to the cost of any specific data order you wish to place. Pre-purchased credits take you from initial query to downloaded data in your hands in just minutes.
  • Option 2 – Purchase as needed: If you would like to purchase the data on an as-needed basis, you can indicate the licensing term you would like for the data set you have identified and submit your licensing request directly from the platform. Your account manager will promptly contact you to confirm your order and have you eSign a data license agreement. You will receive the data within just 1-2 days.

Create a Free Account

AccessHCP revolutionizes healthcare marketers’ ability to access and analyze high quality HCP data and ensures the highest efficiency, timeliness, and ROI against unique marketing objectives.

Please click the button to the right to create a free account on AccessHCP today & start getting immediate access to the data you need to fuel your multi-channel engagement programs.

Feedback from Our Users

“AccessHCP gives Butler/Till the convenience of having a do-it-yourself platform that shows every HCP available based on our specific set of criteria – including our customer match lists – and helps us to understand what’s possible from an audience targeting perspective across multiple channels, including programmatic. With the ability to access and analyze data in real time, AccessHCP has helped us tremendously with our campaign planning and strategies.”

— Kay Driscoll, Digital Media Supervisor at Butler/Till

“I’ve found AccessHCP to be a great tool to allow me to get real-time counts of available emails for the specific group of HCPs we need to engage with. Once the final filters were set, I was able to submit the file for licensing, receive the data and move ahead with our campaigns very quickly. Time is critical with our campaigns and AccessHCP keeps that time to start campaigns shorter than we’ve been able to previously achieve.”

Tony Barlow, Managing Consultant, Barlow/McCarthy

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