Clinical Indicator data is available in three options to ensure a fit with your needs and objectives.  In all cases, our expert data analysts will work with you to provide guidance, training and support in ensuring your analysis is accurate, complete and aligned with your unique objectives and needs.  Please call your sales representative to discuss packaging and pricing.

Clinical Indicator Project-Specific Report Package

  • MedData Group will work closely with you to prepare and execute the Clinical Indicator project data to best identify and segment your target audience. We will assist in the identification of the exact Dx or Px code groups and individual codes to ensure that you are analyzing the right data for the right objective.
  • You will receive all data summary reports as well as NPI-level decile, multi-year claims counts, trend indicator, complete demographic, firmographic, professional level detail and more which will be provided in a comprehensive package format. Please request a sample report to show the level of detailed data you will receive.
  • Our Clinical Indicator Project-Specific package is extremely cost-effective and provides the rich data solution and sophistication you need vs. other clinical analysis offerings.
  • Your project will have the fastest delivery timeline in the business and will ensure immediate value for your objectives. Project-based data sets can be provided in as little as 3-4 days.

Annual Platform License Puts the Power of Clinical Indicator in Your Hands

  • Clinical Indicator is available to you on an annual seat license basis for maximum flexibility and unlimited usage.
  • Extremely cost-effective for higher volume, time-effective use.
  • Easy to use cloud-based platform interface has been designed with marketing and analytics usage in mind.  Executing comprehensive analysis of pre-existing or fully customized Dx and Px code groups can be accomplished easily and quickly.  Report execution run-times are efficient and optimized for the analysis of over 20TB of data to provide the results you need in in the shortest time possible.
  • Integrated target data sets allow quick analysis and metrics of which resulting NPIs are available under multi-channel activation options from MedData Group.
  • Upload your own or client target and account files for detailed match lift analysis and identification of the HCPs that would be of most value to include in any outreach or campaign.
  • Extended core data available to allow for highly detailed understanding of the professional, demographic and firmographic data elements of each HCP at the NPI level.
  • Multiple levels of activation channel data available for subscription integration and licensing providing the most cost-effect turn-key solution.

Clinical Indicator Targeting Data Integration with MedData Group Multi-Channel Activation Data

  • MedData Group will work with you to identify and execute the Clinical Indicator project data to best identify your target audience.
  • The target data set will be integrated with the full range of our professional, demographic and firmographic data on virtually every licensed HCP in the US.
  • You can cross-filter the Clinical Indicator data with any additional data filters such as specialty, geography, practice data and much more to refine the exact universe you want to engage with.
  • Select the channels you wish to use – postal, email and Digital ID for targeted digital display, social and programmatic campaigns.
  • Extremely cost-effective term-based options for these data and engagement channel data sets.
  • Data is provided for on-premise unlimited usage during the selected term and includes the Clinical Indicator decile, claims counts and trend indicator associated with that specific HCP.