Posted by Aimee Gindin on September 24th, 2014

Topsfield, MA September 24, 2014 – MedData Group, LLC a leader in providing data solutions, demand generation, and content marketing solutions to the professional healthcare community is pleased to be able to support CMI/Compas, a leading media planning and buying organization for healthcare clients, with their 2014 Media Vitals research focusing on promotional preferences of prescribers. Through this relationship, CMI/Compas benefits from MedData Group’s robust and targeted database of physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Bill Reinstein, President and CEO of MedData Group, expresses his enthusiasm for the recent collaboration. ‘We were more than happy to provide the data needed to fuel this latest study by CMI/Compas,’ says Reinstein.  ‘By uncovering critical physician perspectives around engagement preferences with the pharmaceutical industry, this study provides key insights to the healthcare community to help them establish better engagement and outreach strategies.” The recent study presents key insights critical in informing, engaging, and building lasting, valuable relationships through the use of various communication methods.

CMI/Compas Media Vitalsâ„¢ is a unique physician promotional needs, consumption and preference database presenting critical physician perspectives around key insights that are mandatory for informing, engaging and building lasting, valuable relationships using cross-channel, personal and non-personal communication methods.

This primary research database represents responses on over 90 key questions from thousands of physicians covering 24 specialties and is ideal to use on its own, or in combination with other primary research data.

Media Vitalsâ„¢ data will also be highlighted in a free report, ‘What Prescribers Want and Need from Pharma 10-Specialty Report.’ The report is available by request.

Well-known as a media planning and buying organization for healthcare clients, sister agencies Communications Media, Inc. (CMI) and Compas, Inc. together form the indispensable strategic marketing partner to the worlds game-changers in health, offering guidance at every level of marketing. CMI/Compas focuses on core service offerings of Media, Innovation, Customer Insights, Technology, and Buying.

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MedData Group provides data services, demand generation and content marketing services, for providers of healthcare technology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, medical education and others looking to engage with professional healthcare audiences and communities by using a fundamentally unique approach.

MedData Group publishes Medical Product Guide, the industry’s go-to resource that provides clinicians and healthcare professionals with meaningful vendor, product and industry information.  By distributing meaningful content to healthcare professionals, we are able to collect more data, glean deeper insights, and reach larger audiences than any other demand generation service.   Using behavioral analytics and big-data techniques, our proprietary content and lead management system produces unrivaled insights that we apply to best-in-class marketing practices to achieve unmatched results towards helping our clients reach their business goals.


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