Our data, available for your on-premise, long term use

DaaS allows you to acquire a perpetual usage license to the data that is most important and valuable to you

MedData Group was one of the first healthcare database marketing companies to offer our data for on-premises use allowing far greater utility and value to our customers.  We are proud to continue our innovative approach to data solutions and offer a new Data-as-a-Service option providing customers with a perpetual rights license to key data sets integrated with ongoing maintenance and updating.

DaaS is a ‘perpetual rights license’

With our DaaS solution, the data set you select is effectively ‘owned vs. leased’ which ensures perpetual, unlimited usage with no need for monitoring license compliance or restricting any type of deep data integration with your systems and processes.  The data you license under our DaaS model becomes a core information/intellectual property asset of your company which itself carries significant benefits.  In addition, all DaaS perpetual licenses integrate with a two year, quarterly maintenance agreement to ensure the data remains complete and up-to-date.  Information you’ll receive quarterly includes:

  • Detail on deactivated NPI numbers
  • All new provider NPI numbers and all associated new core data
  • Detail on possibly invalid or undeliverable email addresses
  • Detailed overview of all newly available emails
  • Opportunities to purchase new email data at contracted rate on same perpetual use terms
  • Multiple professional services that can extend the value and application of your DaaS data