Our HCP data, in your hands

License HCP data from our database of over 1.8 million

Our flexible, cost-effective healthcare data solutions for on premise data licensing lets you engage with our healthcare professionals database from your own communication platforms. By putting our data in your hands, you gain the ability to leverage your own direct marketing tools, email platforms and existing marketing automation systems, resulting in more efficient and effective engagement with healthcare professionals.  You specify the unique target criteria needed to fuel your marketing programs from the wide range of filters such as specialty, NPI#, demographic and firmographic details, clinical behavior, hospital affiliation, organization size, geography and a wide range of other criteria depending on profession and we deliver the data directly to you for on-premises usage.  We maintain some of the highest standards of data hygiene to ensure maximum effectiveness.

We offer flexible terms and competitive pricing.

  • Flexible licensing time periods (3, 6 and 12 month options)
  • No add-on fees for matching, suppression and other services we provide some of the fastest count and file turn around times in the business, all at no additional cost to you
  • Unlimited usage during any term length selected
  • Leverage our data on your own domains to enable your direct engagement and metrics tracking as well as behavioral data acquisition
  • Dx/Px clinical behavioral segmentation options leveraging our Clinical Indicator data
  • Expert guidance and ongoing support to help optimize email deliverability and in-boxing to ensure your success