Reaching and influencing healthcare professionals wherever they are on the web today is an increasingly important element of any healthcare vendor’s marketing strategy.   To ensure the success of your multi-channel digital advertising strategy, you need to leverage solutions to reach the exact set of physicians, NPs, PAs, allied health or hospital professionals that meet yours or your clients’ unique criteria.  Whether your audience is a specific NPI match list, or requires reach to specific specialties, clinical behaviors, practice sizes, geographies, or any other of the dozens of data fields we offer filtering on, our HCP Digital ID program provides the fuel that your digital ad campaign requires to enable non-endemic reach and to guarantee that your ads are being displayed only to the specific HCPs – right down the NPI level – that you want to target.

HCP Digital ID Offers Valuable Unique Benefits

  • Targetable Universe: Over 1.3M unique US healthcare providers identified at the NPI level directly and accurately associated to digital ID/mobile tag and social IDs on most major DSP/DMP, social and addressable TV platforms. HCP Digital ID provides the highest physician reach available at over 60% and growing.
  • Highly Deterministic Offline/Online Identity: Our process uses near 100% accurate association of HCP offline to online identity to ensure accurate one-to-one targeting and regulatory compliance. This is extremely important for any pharma campaign.
  • Flexible Licensing and Pricing: We offer flexible pricing models to align to your campaign needs.
  • Nightly Data Updating: By re-synchronizing our DMP data to your DSP cookie data on a nightly basis, we ensure the ongoing accuracy and optimized reach of your digital campaigns.
  • HCP Match List & Target Filter Counts: We provide complimentary counts of the number of HCPs available for digital ID targeting either on your own supplied target file or on whatever filter criteria you select. We provide you with a flagged version of your target file or counts against your filter criteria usually within 24 hours.

How HCP Digital ID Works

  • Step 1: You identify the target segment of HCPs from the MedData Group database that you wish to reach. This can be a match list you provide or any combination of filters against our vast database of healthcare professionals.
  • Step 2: We will distribute the digital ID file to your specified DSP(s) so that your campaign can be targeted only to the HCPs you wish to target.
  • Step 3: After distribution, we will provide you with a final count of the unique HCPs and total digital IDs located for your campaign. We will also provide you with our exclusive match-back file which provides you with the exact NPI and physician-level detail for the specific HCPs targeted by your campaign on your DSP(s). 

Pricing is based on the final count of individual HCP Digital IDs distributed and active on your specified DSP(s).

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