The Right Data Provider for Your Medical Education Company

Whether you develop continuing medical education activities or promotional branded or unbranded education, great content development requires promotion to the right audiences to impact HCP behavior. Our CME provider and medical education agency partners rely on access to our physician databases, as well as our NP, PA and allied professional audiences to ensure the level of reach and engagement needed to meet their goals for each unique program. We offer multiple models to support registration and engagement activity in combination with specialty, geographic, and Dx (Diagnosis)/Px (Procedure) code segmentation to attract the right online and offline engagement for your programs.


Target the exact HCPs you want with Clinical Indicator

The more you know about your audience, the more targeted and effective your engagement programs will be. MedData Group’s Clinical Indicator platform and data goes far beyond core demographic and contact information and allows you to target your audience by highly specific clinical behavioral data.

Ensure your engagement efforts are reaching the most valuable healthcare professional universe for your campaigns by targeting your audience by diagnostic and procedural data.

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