Posted by Aimee Gindin on November 7th, 2016

Topsfied, MA November 7, 2016 – MedData Group,LLC a leader in providing data solutions, demand generation, and content marketing to the professional healthcare community, announces their newest data offering, Clinical Indicator, now enabling the targeting of HCPs by clinical behavioral data.  Clinical Indicator provides extremely valuable data, enabling marketers to highly refine their target audience of HCPs based on their diagnosis (Dx) and procedural (Px) behavior over the past 5 years.   An exclusive code group dictionary pre-aggregates over 100k billing codes to make the process of determining which segments to filter on easy and efficient.

Bill Reinstein, President and CEO of MedData Group discusses the value of this new data. ‘Many healthcare marketers utilize prescription data to target physicians and other HCPs to influence the use of their products.  By leveraging diagnosis and procedural data, with Clinical Indicator, marketers and other professionals looking to engage with HCPs are able to go beyond traditional Rx data to reach a multi-disciplinary audience of HCPs who influence pharmaceutical and device choices.’

MedData Group is excited to add Clinical Indicator data to their robust healthcare database, adding even greater value for more targeted outreach and engagement with physicians and a wide range of other healthcare professionals.

About MedData Group 
MedData Group provides a wide range of data solutions and demand generation programs for providers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare technology, professional services, medical education, publishers and others looking to engage with professional healthcare audiences.  We offer a full range of highly flexible, cost-effective data solutions as well as demand/lead generation programs.  Our database of over 1.8 million healthcare professional records including email, digital ID, clinical behavior (Dx/Px) and dozens of other data fields is constantly being verified, enriched and updated to fuel your interactive marketing campaigns.  Our suite of innovative solutions will help you reach and engage the right HCP audiences through the right channels.

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