Posted by Aimee Gindin on March 1st, 2018

Topsfield, MA March 6, 2018 – MedData Group, LLC, the leader in HCP data solutions for programmatic advertising and other multi-channel campaigns, has innovated the way in which healthcare marketers are reaching HCPs once again. Now offering on-demand access to HCP data via their AccessHCP platform, MedData Group allows healthcare marketers to instantly access the HCP contact, demographic, firmographic, and email data they seek in real time.

Managing Consultant of Barlow/McCarthy, Tony Barlow, shares the value his team has seen from AccessHCP, “I’ve found AccessHCP to be a great tool to allow me to get real-time counts of available emails for the specific group of HCPs we need to engage with.  Time is critical with our campaigns and AccessHCP keeps that time to start campaigns shorter than we’ve been able to previously achieve.”

MedData Group customers can enroll in Data-on-Demand with no obligation. Once approved, they can create HCP target segments and immediately download and start using the complete contact and email data.

HCP Programmatic and email marketing is becoming an increasingly fast-paced environment, and those advertisers that can be nimble and hit the most aggressive deadlines are at a competitive advantage. With instant data counts for Digital ID and Data on Demand for HCP email data, MedData Group enables its clients to target the right audiences with accuracy and efficiency. To connect with MedData Group about your data needs for upcoming HCP Programmatic and email marketing campaigns, call 978-887-0039 or email [email protected]

About MedData Group
MedData Group is the leader in HCP data solutions for fueling multi-channel digital campaigns providing programmatic, email and offline data to identify and surround your target audience. Partnering with ad agencies, pharmaceuticals, publishers, medical education, physician recruiters, providers of healthcare technology and medical devices, our suite of data solutions helps marketers reach and engage the right HCP audiences through the right digital channels. With a database of over 2 million HCP records, we offer a portfolio of highly flexible, innovative data solutions that allow for sophisticated and accurate segmentation of HCP audiences at scale, as well as engagement data for ongoing analysis of campaign performance. Our extensive database allows for highly deterministic targeting by digital, social, and mobile IDs, as well as email address, clinical behavior, and dozens of other demographic, firmographic, and professional fields, providing the fuel for your campaigns no matter the digital channel.

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