Posted by Aimee Gindin on March 22nd, 2016

Topsfield, MA March 22, 2015 MedData Group, LLC a leader in providing demand generation services and data solutions to the professional healthcare community, announces the latest findings from their MedData Point physician survey. MedData Point is a market research program powered by MedData Group that collects and analyzes data to provide healthcare marketers with insights into the latest trends, technologies and perceptions in healthcare among physicians across a variety of specialties, ages, and practice sizes.

Connected health technology is changing the roles of providers and patients, giving patients the tools to be on the driving end of healthcare for the very first time.  In this survey, MedData Group polled physicians across a variety of specialties, ages, and practice sizes to understand their future vision for connected health, as well as the challenges predictions for adopting connected health technology.  The data is reflective of the 171 physicians who participated.

Age played a significant factor in physician perceptions of connected health. Sixty-seven percent of physicians age 40 and under believe that we will achieve a fully connected healthcare technology environment in the next 1-5 years, while 61% of physicians over the age of 40 believe that we are more than 5 years away from achieving a fully connected healthcare environment. The top challenge identified by physicians in achieving a fully connected health environment was cost.

For physicians, connected health as a whole is an inevitable concept. However, the agreement on timing varies both by age and practice size. For more information on this survey, please on Physician Opinions and Perceptions on Connected Health.

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