Posted by Aimee Gindin on June 9th, 2017

Topsfield, MA June 9, 2017 – MedData Group, LLC a leader in data-driven solutions fueling healthcare professional engagement, announces the latest findings from their MedData Point physician survey. MedData Point is a market research program powered by MedData Group that collects and analyzes data to provide healthcare marketers with insights into the latest trends, technologies and perceptions in healthcare among physicians across a variety of specialties, ages, and practice sizes.

For healthcare marketers, it’s incredibly important to target the right physicians for their campaigns. Whether it’s drug information, a CME event, thought leadership, or something else, many marketers make the assumption that their content should target specialists. In this latest MedData Point survey, MedData Group wanted to understand whether targeting specialists alone was a fair assumption, or if adding primary care physicians (PCPs) to their outreach would add value.

Based on 120 primary care physician responses, we found that 83% of PCPs stated that they discuss therapies and treatment options with their patients the majority of the time before referring them to see a specialist, and 96% of PCPs stated  interest in learning about new drugs on the market for conditions that they wouldn’t be directly treating or managing. Results of this survey indicate that primary care physicians play an integral and influential role in educating patients on therapies and treatment options outside their direct scope of practice. With this knowledge in mind, it’s more important than ever for healthcare marketers to consider targeting both specialists and PCPs in their campaigns. Please read on for the full findings of this survey.

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MedData Group provides a wide range of data solutions for providers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare technology, professional services, medical education, publishers and others looking to identify and engage with professional healthcare audiences.  We offer an extensive portfolio highly flexible, cost-effective data products and platforms that allow for sophisticated and accurate segmentation of target HCP audiences and provide multi-channel engagement solutions. Our database of over 1.9 million healthcare professional records including email, digital ID, clinical behavior (Dx/Px) and dozens of other demographic, firmographic and professional fields is constantly being verified, enriched and updated to fuel your interactive marketing campaigns.


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