Data Licensing Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) HCP Digital ID Clinical Indicator AccessHCP
Summary Flexible, cost-effective on-premise data licensing allows you to effectively leverage a wide range of filters and segments from our database for your HCP engagement programs. A perpetual rights license to key data sets and engagement data integrated with ongoing maintenance and updating service. Part of data licensing, this is an additional filter within our database for targeting HCPs online across digital ad platforms, including social media and web banner advertisements. Provided as either a self-service platform with an annual subscription or custom projects run on a per-project basis. Clinical Indicator provides 6 years of HCP Dx and Px data and over 3,000 pre-defined code groups as well as match-lift analysis and identification. A free self-service platform that provides instant access to obtain counts against all available data fields and engagement channels. Submit file orders online or pre-load account credits to immediately download data files for license.
Access Type Work with our sales team Work with our sales team Work with our sales team Self-service platform or custom a-la-carte reports Self-service platform
Licensing Term 3, 6, and 12 month options Perpetual rights 3, 6, and 12 month options Annual unlimited subscription or perpetual use of custom reports Instant access
Core demographic & firmographic data  X  X  Professional data included – Other data available Optional  X
Multi-channel engagement data (email, phone, postal)  X  X Indicators of all available  X
Digital IDs (for targeted online advertising)  X  X Indicators of all available  X
Clinical behavioral data Diagnosis (Dx) & Procedure (Dx)  Available Available  X  Available
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