AccessHCP is a completely free platform provided by MedData Group enabling our customers to perform their own audience identification, segmentation planning, and match-list analysis. Run instant counts against our database of over 4.3M HCPs across dozens of data filters including profession, specialty, and geography to support your omnichannel campaign planning and audience targeting analysis.  Once your target audience is defined, you can get real-time counts of HCP Digital ID targetable NPIs on 18 key DSPs and platforms that are integrated MedData Group partners, as well as available emails for on-premise or managed service licensing.

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  • Audience Identification: Our industry-leading, compliance quality database of over 4.3 million NPI-level HCPs at your fingertips.
  • Segmentation Planning: Filter and refine by physician specialty, hospital professional job function, geographic location, practice/hospital size, and more.
  • Match-List Analysis: Generate counts by distribution channel, including DSP, DMP, and email, for accurate digital campaign planning.

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Current Users Love AccessHCP

“AccessHCP gives Butler/Till the convenience of having a do-it-yourself platform that shows every HCP available based on our specific set of criteria – including our customer match lists – and helps us to understand what’s possible from an audience targeting perspective across multiple channels, including programmatic. With the ability to access and analyze data in real time, AccessHCP has helped us tremendously with our campaign planning and strategies.”

— Kay Driscoll, Digital Media Supervisor at Butler/Till