Partner with the leader in NPI-targeted digital HCP audiences 

Reaching and influencing healthcare professionals wherever they are on the web today is an increasingly important element of any healthcare and pharma marketer’s strategy. With direct to provider non-endemic programmatic advertising becoming a key part of healthcare marketing, your success is assured by leveraging our exclusive HCP Digital ID solution to enable the most accurate and efficient NPI-level digital targeting. Whether you utilize one or more DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) and are actively running programmatic, native or social campaigns across the web or you’re looking to advertise on video channels, mobile apps and even advanced TV, MedData Group can guarantee that your messaging is exposed to the exact HCP audience you’re intending to reach.

Healthcare marketing isn’t like any other advertising. Between regulation and the need for brand safety, you need to be sure that your messaging is reaching your intended HCPs at a one-to-one level.  Our HCP Digital ID exclusive methodology and unique ability to associate each HCP’s offline to online identity creates the highest level deterministic data ensuring you target each impression right down to the NPI level.  MedData Group has the largest universe of HCPs for digital targeting available all combined with multiple reporting and sophisticated measurement solutions.

With multiple HCP Digital ID filters from NPI target lists, Rx, Dx, Px behavior, professional, demographic and so many more segmentation options, we can help you reach the right audience across all digital advertising channels:

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • In-app
  • Advanced TV
  • Video
  • Native
  • Social media platforms

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