HCP Digital ID for Targeted Programmatic, Social, and Advanced TV Advertising

The ability to target very customized healthcare professional audiences across the web has allowed advertisers for the first time to run highly effective and cost efficient advertising campaigns at a much greater scale.

MedData Group, a recognized leader in HCP data, provides the largest available universe of digitally addressable healthcare professionals.  Marketers at pharmaceutical companies, pharma agencies, medical device companies, and more are leveraging our data to target HCPs wherever they go online. Let us provide the fuel for your programmatic and social advertising campaigns.

How It Works

MedData Group’s HCP Digital ID is a unique solution for reaching and engaging with the right audience across programmatic and other digital advertising platforms. Whether your audience is a specific NPI match list, or requires reach to specific specialties, clinical behaviors, practice sizes, geographies, or any other of the dozens of data fields we offer filtering on, HCP Digital ID provides the fuel that your digital ad campaigns require to enable non-endemic reach and to guarantee that your ads are being displayed only to the specific HCPs – right down to the NPI level – that you want to target.


Unique HCPs deterministically associated to online identity


Physician specialty groups, 9 HCP professions, 40+ fields of professional and clinical behavior data to create individual target audiences based on your unique specifications


Average reach via major DSP/DMPs & social platforms

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