Did you know more than 80% of physicians are using Facebook on a weekly basis?

Whether you partner with a DSP (demand side platform) to execute programmatic campaigns or are seeking even wider, more diverse reach and engagement, social media advertising is rapidly becoming an effective and efficient way to get brands in front of the right healthcare professional audiences.  No matter which social channels you plan to leverage, targeting the exact physicians that are most appropriate for your messaging is crucial to the success and brand safety of your campaigns.  Remember, ‘doctors are people too’ and use social media extensively to connect, learn and communicate.  Outside their work hours, they are more relaxed and open to relevant messaging that informs in meaningful ways.

MedData Group ensures that you’re getting in front of the right HCPs with highly deterministic data that targets right down to the NPI level. Leveraging our database of more than 4.3 million healthcare professionals, segmented to your exact needs and then associated to their social IDs, gives you the keys to the right audience for your campaigns whether on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.  Our targeting methodologies are privacy-safe and fully compliant with all recent Facebook policies and terms.

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