The ROI of your Digital Targeting Depends on Using the Most Accurate Reference Database in the Industry.

Reaching and educating accurate HCP audiences about your products and therapies that save lives and increase patients’ quality of life will determine the success or failure of your non-personal promotional campaigns. MedData Group, an IQVIA business, is the only healthcare data company that leverages OneKey to ensure you are reaching the right HCPs for your products at industry leading scale with your programmatic, social and Advanced TV messaging.

The OneKey reference database of over 10M US HCPs is relied upon by pharma, biopharma and medical device companies around the world as the gold standard of compliance grade data across the professional health ecosystem. OneKey comprises the largest volume of professional, organizational and behavioral data available within the healthcare industry.

OneKey’s extensive data depth and quality, combined with MedData Group’s unique HCP Digital ID solutions ensures your access to the most deterministic NPI-level HCP digital targeting available across the widest range of end-point platforms. Maximize the engagement and ROI of your omnichannel HCP digital advertising campaigns with advanced digital targeting solutions powered by MedData Group and IQVIA OneKey.

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