Ensure your engagement efforts are reaching the most valuable healthcare professional universe for your campaigns by accessing our Clinical Indicator data to analyze, segment and develop targeting parameters for your audience(s) by over 6 years’ of diagnostic (Dx) and procedural (Px) data.

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As a healthcare marketer, the more you know about your HCP audiences past, current and future clinical behavior, the more targeted and effective your engagement programs, messaging, market segmentation and proposals will be. MedData Group’s Clinical Indicator data, available both to license on a project-by-project basis or as a self-service platform with an annual subscription, allows you to analyze, size and create target audience segments by overlaying highly specific clinical behavioral data onto dozens of other filters to provide you with the most appropriate audience inclusive of all associated core demographic, professional data and multi-channel contact information at an NPI-specific level. Leveraging this extremely valuable data, will allow you and your teams to precisely identify and target a wide range of clinicians based on their diagnostic (Dx) and procedural (Px) behavior over the past 6+ years. You can also upload your own lists and target files for matching and cross walking data for any specific project analysis.

MedData Group’s Clinical Indicator Service/Platform Offers a strategic advantage by delivering:

  • Actionable HCP profiling linking phsycians, NPs, PAs and Allied Health professionals to logical groupings of diagnosis (Dx) and procedure (Px) code data.
  • True analytic and intelligence value to over 20 terabytes of HCP big data over a full trailing 6 year claims period.
  • Over 3,000 exclusive pre-defined code groupings making your targeting process incredibly efficient and complete.  You can also edit existing code groups or create new custom code groups based on any specific ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS Dx and Px billing codes.  All of these codes and names are pre-built into the platform so that no outside coding resources are necessary.
  • Extremely valuable data set for clinical behavior indication without internal universe bias.
  • A sophisticated data set for your universe segmentation analysis and targeting available on an a-la-carte, project level basis or for do-it-yourself annual licensing. Extremely cost-efficient for the level of sophistication vs. any competitive product or service.
  • Ability to extend your target universe to the physicians diagnosing and discussing therapies and treatment options with their patients, before referring them to a prescribing specialist.
  • MedData Group activation data can be appended and used for deploying promotions via any channel type such as postal, email and digital ID to fuel your programmatic campaigns.
  • Ask your sales representative for a sample report showing the complete data set included in any project.

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