Reaching and influencing healthcare professionals (HCPs) wherever they are online today is a key component of any healthcare marketer’s digital strategy.

With our reference database of more than 3.5 million HCPs and the highest level of deterministic NPI-level targeting data, MedData Group delivers accuracy and maximizes reach for your programmatic campaigns. HCP Digital Insights in an innovative, new measurement solution provided exclusively by MedData Group, in partnership with LiveRamp, that uses a compliant and proprietary de-identification process that allows campaign measurement at a privacy-centric NPI-level. This measurement solution combines the impression level digital behavior data from your supplied DSP log files with MedData Group’s extensive professional data and also allows for combining measurement with other clinical behavior and CRM offline data as well.

  • Provides valuable extended reporting to what is available from your DSP(s)
  • Measures campaign exposure at the individual HCP level, and view online in an aggregate visualization
  • Privacy-centric process allows ad impressions to be directly matched to each of the MedData Group audience data segments being targeted
  • Helps drive campaign optimization decisions
  • Creates supplemental ‘optimization’ segments for deployment once the campaign is underway
  • Data tables are provided for your own analysis

“LiveRamp is proud to partner with MedData Group in creating solutions to the unique challenges in measurement of programmatic advertising in the healthcare market. As a company that puts data privacy and compliance at the core of what we do, we see the great value of the HCP Digital Insights platform in providing pharmaceutical marketers meaningful campaign measurement, analysis and optimization at the privacy-centric NPI-level. We look forward to seeing the ongoing value that HCP Digital Insights will bring to healthcare digital advertising.” – Yuchen Feng, Head of Healthcare at LiveRamp.

HCP Digital Insights is an innovative process and cloud platform that provides effective measurement of campaign impression data that can be analyzed and visualized based on a number of related data variables and filters.

By combining your DSP log file impression data with MedData Group’s extensive offline data set, HCP Digital Insights provides you with meaningful reach and exposure information about your campaign and specific segments at a glance. You can also have access to joined data tables to do your own analysis and visualization. HCP Digital Insights’ base level of provided data tables combined with pre-built dashboards and visuals accessible in a password protected platform are an integrated part of our HCP Digital ID digital targeting solution. The platform provides dynamic filters that allow you to visualize reach and exposure against your target audiences. Our integrated solution provides you with the actual privacy-safe data tables. Custom solutions can include
development of additional data tables, such as comparing ad exposure to the prescribing or other CRM or advertising data you already have, so that you can perform your own campaign analytics.

Join us in enabling and leveraging valuable insights for your programmatic campaigns with a powerful, effective and compliant solution for HCP digital measurement.

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