Targeting physicians, NPs and PAs based on their clinical behavior is one of the most valuable and effective strategies regardless of the channel you will use to message them.  MedData Group can provide you with sophisticated prescription (Rx), diagnosis (Dx) and procedures performed (Px) audience identification and segmentation in a completely integrated solution with your email or programmatic data licensing. MedData Group’s Clinical Indicator service/platform offers a strategic advantage by delivering:

Prescription Data

MedData Group offers extensive services to develop custom audience segmentation and multi-channel targeting based on a wide range of prescribing behavior and healthcare informatics data.  Our extensive data set provides you with access to one of the largest, most highly targeted and accurate database of Rx data.  Agencies, medical device companies, and brands can create pin-point targeted audience segmentation and maximize the ROI of their campaigns.

In addition to leveraging our Rx/Dx/Px data for campaign segmentation and targeting, data reports can be purchased providing the specific NPI data for TRx, NRx claims counts, decile analysis and similar data for Dx and Px.

  • Two years of data covering well over 70% of all commercial Rx’s dispensed in the US and 100% of CMS claims.
  • 1.8 Million Prescribers
  • Data collection from thousands or Rx data sources
  • Over 200M patient lives
  • Ensures that your messaging is targeted at the exact prescribers of your brands or competitor brands.  Or make your segmentation selection based on one or more drug therapeutic classes or other available data filter criteria.
  • In addition to pharma brand advertisers, Rx data provides tremendous value to Medical Device, Cosmoceutical and Neutraceutical manufacturers.
  • Access tremendously valuable Rx data on an a-la-carte, campaign by campaign basis for cost-efficiency and maximum ROI.
  • Very cost effective CPMs for both programmatic and email targeting.
  • Our clinical and data management experts will provide you with free counts for Rx targeted programmatic and email campaigns.

Diagnosis and Procedure Data

  • 6 trailing years of diagnosing (Dx) and procedures (Px) performed for commercial and CMS claims.
  • We use our library of over 3,500 pre-built ICD-10 code groups to make your condition or procedure code filtering more efficient and accurate taking less of your time.
  • Very cost effective CPMs for both programmatic and email targeting.
  • Our data experts will consult with you to identify the right HCP target universe for your objectives.
  • Combine Dx and Px filtering with all other available filters including combining Rx and Dx to ensure the widest and most accurate coverage of both prescribers and diagnosers.

We also offer do-it-yourself platforms on a subscription basis to allow you to perform your own unlimited clinical behavior audience segmentation and data analytics projects.

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