Posted by Patrick McCafferty on November 13th, 2019

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Pharma has seen and strongly embraced the value of programmatic, social and now Advanced TV for effective HCP marketing. NPI-level targeting at scale and with cost-efficiency continues to drive digital growth and innovative multi-channel solutions delivering on-brand objectives. Like any marketing program, measurement is key, not only to understanding campaign effectiveness but also guiding optimization. In parallel with the growth in HCP digital is also the evolution of digital privacy regulation. CCPA is the beginning — not the end.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • What are the questions you should be asking to ensure your programmatic messaging is being seen by the right audience?
  • How do you do effective HCP programmatic and cross-channel measurement while remaining privacy compliant today and in the future?
  • What are the measurement options and techniques that meet the unique needs of pharma?

This session focuses on state-of-the-art measurement and optimization techniques while navigating the evolving privacy landscape. Joining Bill Reinstein is Yuchen Feng, Head of Healthcare at LiveRamp, who brings a unique view of digital marketing and the intersection with privacy from the center of the AdTech ecosystem.

Recorded: September 17, 2019 at Digital Pharma East in Philadelphia, PA


Featured Guest: YUCHEN FENG, Head of Healthcare, LIVERAMP

MedData Group is a proud LiveRamp Elite Partner

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