Posted by Patrick McCafferty on September 11th, 2017

MedData Group has been very busy lately. In addition to continually refining and expanding our database of more than 2 million healthcare professionals, we have been working hard to create the healthcare data industry’s first (and only) self-service data intelligence platform. The creation of AccessHCP was inspired by interest from clients who are seeking a faster, real-time way to access, segment, analyze and license the data they need to fuel their multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Having instant access to HCP data in real-time will offer healthcare marketers an unprecedented advantage in their multi-channel marketing programs. Users will be able to plan for and iterate on their campaigns more quickly and add more sophistication and segmentation to their campaigns.

How It Works

This powerful, cloud-based platform allows healthcare marketers and others looking to engage with HCPs to have full, do-it-yourself access to over 2 million US healthcare professionals and all associated contact, demographic, firmographic, and professional data. Users can even upload match lists and suppression files of NPIs, emails, geographic, or other variables to allow for the segmentation to be based on these input data sets.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy—it only requires signing up for a free account. Once an account is verified, users have instant access to all of the data in the platform. Credits can be pre-purchased for on-demand usage. Users who know the exact data they need can build their data set and download it instantly. For more complex requests or help building out a search, our sales reps will continue to stand by for hands-on, consultative support.

At MedData Group, we are proud to revolutionize the accessibility of high quality HCP data and the data analysis process with AccessHCP. Finally, HCP data seekers can maximize and optimize efficiencies, timeliness, and ROI against their unique marketing objectives.

Create a free account on AccessHCP today and get immediate access to the data you need to fuel your engagement programs.

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