Marketing to doctors is easier and more accurate with MedData Group’s physician data solutions. We can connect you with over one million physicians in over 145 medical specialties, a wide range of practice demographics, firmographics, geographies, specific physician-level clinical behaviors (Rx, Dx and Px) and numerous other field-level targeting to fuel your HCP marketing programs.

Create targeted lists with our expansive physicians database

MedData Group has the most comprehensive and accurate physicians database from which you can create the right audience for your marketing, promotion and lead or demand generation campaigns. You can provide us with a target list of NPIs or other fields to match free of charge against our database or you can select from dozens of data fields to help focus your physician marketing, including:

  • NPI#
  • Specialty group
  • Primary and Secondary specialty
  • Clinical behavior data including extensive prescription (Rx), diagnosis (Dx) and procedure (Px) histories
  • Email address or domain
  • Availability of Digital ID on multiple DSPs to enable targeted programmatic and social advertising programs
  • Phone number
  • Organization name
  • Practice size
  • All address & geographic fields
  • Graduation date
  • Medical school
  • Gender
  • Time zone
  • State of license and state license #
  • Hospital affiliations
  • And much more