Posted by Patrick McCafferty on February 20th, 2018

The value of programmatic advertising to healthcare professionals is the ability to gain greater reach across an NPI-targeted audience of providers while substantially lowering the average total CPM when compared with advertising on healthcare-specific websites only. While programmatic advertising has had slower adoption in the professional healthcare segment, in the last year, pharmaceutical companies and the agencies representing them have found great value from advertising to physicians across non-endemic sites, including social media advertising platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  In fact, MedData Group surveys physicians about their use of social media and other lifestyle sites, as well as their openness to pharmaceutical advertising across the web, and it was found that 80-90% of physicians are on Facebook and LinkedIn, and of that group, 75%  are receptive to marketing from pharmaceutical companies.

To ensure the success of a multi-channel digital advertising strategy, knowing your audience is key. The ability to target only the specific healthcare professionals on your radar gives you the ability to create highly segmented and more personalized advertisements to your audience.   MedData Group’s HCP Digital ID offers a unique solution for reaching and engaging with the right audience across digital advertising platforms. Whether your audience is a specific NPI match list, or requires reach to specific specialties, clinical behaviors, practice sizes, geographies, or any other of the dozens of data fields we offer filtering on, HCP Digital ID provides the fuel that your digital ad campaigns require to enable non-endemic reach and to guarantee that your ads are being displayed only to the specific HCPs – right down the NPI level – that you want to target.

With more than 1.4 million US physicians, NPs, and PAs whose digital identities at the NPI-level are now associated with multiple cookies, social media IDs, and device IDs, we now offer the depth of data and the accuracy needed for healthcare marketers interested in programmatic and social advertising. In addition to providing you with your target audience, we also offer measurable engagement data, so advertisers can assess the success of their campaigns and optimize them accordingly.

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